Scott Harlan

Scott Harlan

Professional Background 

Working in Finance since 2013, Scott has the necessary experience and refined skills to offer his clients a financial plan that not only meets their financial goals but does so in a way the aligns your finances with your faith. Called to BRI in 2021, Scott and his wife Betsy prayed intently and listened to God’s call to be obedient with Scott’s time and talents by opening his own practice of Inspire Advisors. Scott has a passion for people who are more than 10 years away from retiring and desire a Financial Planner who cares about more than just how much you have to invest. As an Inspire Advisor it is his goal to educate his clients on Biblically Responsible Investing, as well as to help them create and implement a Financial Plan.

Scott and Betsy

Scott and Betsy met at church in Gainesville GA in 2018 and got married there in June of 2019. Betsy has been a middle school Language Arts teacher for 6 years and looks forward to staying home with their first child who they are anxiously awaiting in August of 2022!

Involvement / Church

Scott and Betsy value involvement with their local church body. Scott plays Bass Guitar for the worship ministry and Betsy is a greeter.


The Harlans have a dream of a modest living on a small homestead honoring God in the stewardship of their property, possessions, and the way they raise their family. Currently, they have two egg-laying hens, four garden beds, and they aspire to grow 50% or more of the food they will eat!